Sales reps initiate requests for customers' training and seminars directly to training department person providing coverage for that sales territory. Calendar Administrator coordinates only the more complex training events such as seminars and open house presentations. Most routine events are managed between individuals without requiring phone calls or intervention by the Training Department managers. Mailing labels, sign-in sheets, and CEU certificates are all printed directly from the company's WebSchedule calendar.

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Calendar Features

Login Authority
User's Priviledges Vary with Login Authority

Admin View

Trainer View

Sales View

Add Event (AE)

Modify Event (ME)


Delete Event (DE)


AE, ME, DE Limited by Configuration Rules 1

User Can Assign New Event Coordinator

Create Management Reports (Screen or Excel)

Display Trainer Schedules

Manage Trainer Unavailability

Admin Functions (Add Users, Change Passwords, etc.)

Add New Event Notes to Calendar


Manage Attendee List and the Event Site Details


Create Sign-In sheet and CEU certificate


Events View Limited to Territories Set by Administrator


1 User gets "send Urgent Message" if he tries to modify an event in the past, or within n days before the event as set by Admin; this feature sends email to Admin.

2 Trainer can Add, Modify or Delete an event.only if he initiates it, or is named as Coordinator by Admin or Sales. Trainers see only their own events.

3 Trainer sees any event he is assigned to as Trainer or as Coordinator. However, Trainer may post new events only to those Territories authorized in set up by Admin.