Technicians and devices are dispatched to 24 hospital OR's. Nurses and surgeons book requests directly to the device company's WebScheduler calendar. The Calendar Administrator coordinates each surgical event by assigning staff and managing changes and confirmations with the customer. Full dynamic reports and downloaded Excel formatted reports are easily generated.

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Calendar Features

Login Authority
User's Priviledges Vary with Login Authority

Admin View

Technician View

Customer View

Add Event (AE)


Modify Event (ME)


Delete Event (DE)


AE, ME, DE Limited by Configuration Rules 1

Update Contract Employee Database

Create Management Reports (Screen or Excel)

Display Technician Schedules

Manage Technician Unavailability

Admin Functions (Add Users, Change Passwords, etc.)

Add Post Event Notes Including Supplies Used and Time on Job


Add "Post Event Confirmation" Flag to Confirm Event Took Place

Configure Calendar to Alert and Send Text Messages to Tech Cellphone

Events View Limited to Locations Set by Administrator


1 User gets "send Urgent Message" if he tries to modify an event in the past, or within n days before the event as set by Admin; this feature sends email to Admin.

2 Technician preferences are configurable. In one preference set, Tech's can update the event record with time and supplies used. This information is used as a direct front-end to a payroll service and customer invoicing system.Tech's see only their own events.

3 Technician sees any event he is assigned to as Tech or as Coordinator. However, Tech may post new events only to those Locations authorized in set up by Admin.