Scheduling software for Medical Registries and Mobile Device Operators - over 1,000 users.

HealthTronics, an ENDO subsidiary (NASDAQ - ENDP) manages SF Lithotripsy Group LLC using a custom-version of Registry Scheduler (RS); 55 surgical group customers can post requests for service directly to their schedule; customers see cases only at their authorized facilities. Field technical staff use RS to view case schedules, Call assignments and post availability. Hundreds of unnecessary phone calls to Call Center are avoided. HealthTronics scheduling burden is greatly reduced.

United Surgical Assistants, Inc., a fast-growing Tampa, Florida Multi-specialty Surgical Staff Registry uses WebScheduler Calendars in FL, NY, VA, NC, AL, KS and TX. USA schedules 95 field-based, certified FA's, PA's, RN's and MD's to over 3000 surgical cases in more than 100 hospitals each month. Extensive configuration options and custom programming services ensure this enhanced version of RS maps to USA's scheduling requirements.

Chicago area Midwest Clinical Imaging subscribes to Registry Scheduler (RS) to manage and Web-enable this growing Radiology Group's Daily Call, Rotation & Vacation schedules. MCIRAD suggested a new rotation feature be added to RS which is now available as a configurable option to all new WebScheduler LLC customers.

Pacific Biomedical Equipment, Inc. schedules 16 field technologists in two Northern CA regions to operate devices at 42 hospitals. Hospital customers post requests for service directly to the PacBio WebScheduler calendar. Newly posted requests are modified by Calendar Admin to add name of assigned field technician. Tech login displays newly assigned event. Tech clicks "Confirm". Routine assignments become part of a reportable database, all activity tracked; no phone calls needed. Period.

California Prostate Laser (CPL), a San Francisco-based mobile device operator, subscribes to Registry Scheduler (RS) to coordinate all operations for a Physician-owned lithotripsy partnership. The VP Operations uses an iPhone to access and manage the entire schedule when in the field. Over 50 customers have unique access to the CPS Calendar to request service, receive confirmations, and view CPS commitments to their facility.

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Scheduling software for surgical groups - all specialties.

WebScheduler LLC's SurgiScheduler Signs Software Agreement With Baptist Health, Montgomery, AL. Four hospital-owned surgical groups coordinate surgeries, On-Call, Vacation and meeting schedules using SGSPro software. VP Julia Ventress says, "We have a number of surgical groups that could use SurgiScheduler". CASTA Practice Manager, Samantha Frank says, "SGSPro is just about perfect!"

SurgiScheduler Signs Software Development and Hosting Agreement With CVS Orlando, Orlando FL. Chief Operating Officer Lou Zaste says, "Our seven surgeons cover three hospitals 24/7. SurgiScheduler gives them instant access to their up-to-the-minute surgery schedules and rounds list for the day, week or year. Using this program we enjoy a much more efficient practice, without question.

SurgiScheduler client Steve Kagan MD, one of five surgeons at Carolina Vascular Surgery & Diagnostics, says, "With Surgical Group Scheduler (SGS), we found what we needed, and more. We were looking for a program that was HIPAA compliant and web/PDA-enabled that would allow us to schedule procedures, meetings, maintain a hospital list, and a call schedule. The SurgiScheduler team allowed us to test SGS and then assisted us in customizing the program for our practice." --Steve Kagan MD - CVSD

Hawthorne Cardiothoracic & Vascular surgeons, Charlotte, NC subscribes to Surgical Group Scheduler (SGS). Hawthorne's Calendar Administrators schedule 17 surgeons and Physician Assistants's at 20 locations for surgeries, clinic, procedures and meetings using SGS. Presbyterian Hospital across the street logs in with unique access to obtain a list of patients to be pre-op'd for the following day.

Triangle Medical Professionals LLC, a Raleigh NC group of 17 Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners subscribes to Surgical Group Scheduler (SGS) to manage daily on-call, vacation and patient visit schedules. Says Andrew Liepins PA-C, a TMP partner, "We are familiar with this program because one of our cardiothoracic & vascular surgery groups uses it, too. We practice at multiple locations, and access to our complete schedule is very valuable.

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Customized Scheduling software for companies with a mobile field force providing service to a repeat customer base.

High productivity field staff scheduling software designed by WebScheduler is implemented by InSound Medical, the CA Lyric Hearing disposable hearing device Company.

Find out how a leading-edge hearing device manufacturer uses WebScheduler LLC to schedule training and sales executives to customer sites for certification and hands-on training in their revolutionary hearing product, Lyric.

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