Anesthesiologists and CRNA's are scheduled to 45 different locations to perform office-based anesthesia procedures. Basic patient information including Preop Assessments are included in each event posting made by a Surgeon's Office. Request for service is generated by the Surgeon's nurse posting a request to the Registry's WebScheduler calendar. Daily and monthly activity reports are displayed or printed to an Excel spreadsheet. Schedules are viewed by authorized users from any Internet-connected PC or PDA.

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Calendar Features

Login Authority
User's Priviledges Vary with Login Authority

Registry's Calendar Admin View

Anesthesiologist/ CRNA View

Surgeon's Office View

Add Event (AE)


Modify Event (ME)


Delete Event (DE)

AE, ME, DE Limited by Configuration Rules 1

Anesthesiologist/CRNA Can Add Post Event Anesthesia Report

Create Management Reports (Screen or Excel)

Display Anesthesiologist/CRNA Monthly Schedules

Manage Anesthesiologist/CRNA Unavailability

Admin Functions (Add Users, Change Passwords, etc.)

Add New Event Notes to Calendar


Manage Patient List and the Event Site Details


Post Recurring Events to Calendar

Events View Limited to Delivery Sites Set by Administrator


1 User gets "send Urgent Message" if he tries to modify an event in the past, or within n days before the event as set by Admin; this feature sends email to Admin.

Anesthesiologist/CRNA preferences are configurable. In one preference set they can add patients to the list, create post anesthesia report and attach it to the event record. Anesthesiologist/CRNA's see only their own events.

3 Anesthesiologist/CRNA sees any event he is assigned to as provider. However, Anesthesiologist/CRNA may post new events only to those Delivery Sites authorized in set up by Admin.