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What Users Say:

Laurence Wiener, MD, CEO of Professional Anesthesia Consultants, King of Prussia PA, says, "There are other sites that have all the pretty, medical bells and whistles, but none of them have the depth of capability and robustness of WebScheduler."

Dale Kunihira, MD, of Kaiser Hospital
Santa Clara, CA says, "When I add a case to our WebScheduler, I know I have communicated all they need to know about my surgery."

Celia Lema RN, Scheduling Nurse, says, "I can look into their schedule and book a nurse anesthetist
for Dr. King's surgeries with no phone calls. What used to require two or three calls now requires about one minute."

Aaron Baker, Perioperative Materials Coordinator,says, "I wish all of our outside vendors would use a WebScheduler Internet scheduling calendar."

Karl Anderson MD, says, "It's so simple; I can schedule coverage for a surgery right then, while the patient is sitting in my office."

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