We host your Company's customized WebScheduler configured to your business rules for a monthly fee.

As a Software as a Service (SaaS) we provide an instance of WebScheduler, accessed directly or linked to your own Web site, for a monthly fee. Users (your customers and employees) simply go to your Web site and click on a "User Logon" link to your calendar. We provide a vanity domain, http://<yourcompanyname>.webscheduler.net to enable the link.

We provide source code to our customers that require WebScheduler integration with other applications. If you choose to integrate WebScheduler into another application, we'd be please to work with your IT team to accomplish this. Under this model we would license the source code to you for a one-time fee.

In either case, we customize the calendar to fit your unique business rules. Your operations benefit through increased throughput and turnaround, fewer errors, "no falling through the cracks," and significantly less overhead.

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