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What Users Say:

Marion Howell Kent, VP Operations says, "Our scheduling task is greatly simplified using WebScheduler"."

David King, MD, of Kaiser Hospital Vallejo, CA says, "When I add a case to our WebScheduler, I know I have communicated all they need to know about my surgery, and that on the surgery day the laser and the tech will be there."

Nelsida Ruiz RN, Scheduling Nurse, says, "I can look into their schedule and book a laser and OR/laser technician. Because they let me see their whole schedule at all our hospitals, I just see where they have time and fit one in."

Aaron Baker, Perioperative Materials Coordinator,says, "I wish all of our outside vendors would use a WebScheduler Internet scheduling calendar."

Karl Anderson MD, says, "It's so simple; I can schedule coverage for a surgery right then, while the patient is sitting in my office."

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